Date And Time  August 19, 2022, 5:28 pm

Sustainability code of practice

What is sustainability code of practice report?

The Code for Sustainable Homes is the National standard for the design and construction of new-build residential properties in England. The Code sets the mandatory sustainable design standards in 9 key areas.

1: Energy & CO2 emissions

2: Water

3: Materials

4: Surface water run-off

5: Waste

6: Pollution

7: Health & well-being

8: Management

9: Ecology

A number of Local Authorities have introduced requirements in their local planning policy which makes it mandatory for all new build residential developments to attain a rating level of 3 or 4. Compliance with the Code for Sustainable Homes may also be required by way of a planning condition.

Who prepares sustainability code of practice report and how?

At DA Planning, we provide Code for Sustainable Homes assessments and advice at every stage of the development process. Whether you require pre-assessment reports, guidance during the design stage or advice on the most appropriate code level achievement strategy for your development, our experienced and qualified Code assessors offer Code for Sustainable assessment and advisory services across the country.

How much should a sustainability code of practice report cost me?

Sample text

Affordable housing reports - Example 01

Download (PDF, 2.36MB)

Affordable housing reports - Example 02

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