Date And Time  August 19, 2022, 5:49 pm

Impact Assessment

What is impact assessment?

  • There are a variety of impact assessments that a local authority may require as part of a planning application where there may be potential issues with how a proposal will affect the existing site and surrounding area.
  • The ‘Impact Assessments’ vary from the potential impact of a proposal on daylight and sunlight on surrounding properties, the conservation area in which the property falls within or lies next to, the impact of the historic fabric of a building if it is listed, transport and parking assessments, noise and odour assessment and viability issues.
  • The assessments are reviewed by the council and a successful assessment is one which the Council considers acceptable whereby there will overall not be an issue for the particular factor being assessed.

Who prepares impact assessment?

  • The Impact Assessments are prepared by either a professional town planner (planning consultant) or a relevant professional in that particular field e.g., transport engineer or acoustics consultant, depending on the complexity of the assessment.
  • A planning consultant will work with the professionals involved to ensure that the conclusions and findings of any relevant assessments comply with the national, regional and local planning policies.
  • If the planning case officer has any concerns over the assessment, a planning consultant will liaise with the professionals involved to resolve and concerns and issues.

How much should a impact assessment?

Sample Text 

Construction method statements - Example 01

Download (PDF, 2.36MB)

Construction method statements - Example 02

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