Date And Time  August 19, 2022, 4:17 pm

Design and Access Statements

What is design and access statement?

  • Design and access Statements are now compulsory for most planning applications. The statements set out the relevant planning policies in order to provide a contextual analysis of the proposed development.
  • Design and access statements play an increasingly important role in the success of a planning application as they seek to justify the design concept in planning policy.
  • The Statements broadly outline the proposed scheme and serve to interpret the architectural designs.
  • A well-researched and structured Design and Access Statement provides the local authority with a clear depiction of the proposed scheme and addresses any of their potential concerns. The local authority may then reach a correct decision in a timely manner.

Who prepares design and access statement?

Sample text

How much should a design and access statement?

Please note: permitted development rights only apply to houses and do not apply to flats, maisonettes or other buildings. you will need full planning permission for all works to a flat or maisonette. Read more.

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Design And Access Statements - Example 01

Download (PDF, 838KB)

Design And Access Statements - Example 02

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