Date And Time  August 19, 2022, 5:42 pm

Daylight Sunlight

What is daylight sunlight report?

  • Specialist reports tracking sunlight movements over a typical 24 hour period, to support multi-storey developments.
  • Over shadowing statements addressing sunlight sensitive buildings in close proximity.
  • Reports necessary where local council may have concern over the height of proposed developments.
  • Reports designed to overcome Right-to-light issues.

Who prepares daylight sunlight report and how?

  • We work closely with a number of specialist firms to prepare such report which are dependent on the complexity of the scheme being proposed.
  • Daylight / Sunlight reports to be based on our initial design concept.
  • The findings of the daylight / sunlight report often determine the final design submitted to council.
  • Report ensures full compliance with overshadowing and sunlight specific policies prior to submission.

How much should a daylight sunlight report cost me?

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Daylight / Sunlight reports - Example 01

Download (PDF, 2.36MB)

Daylight / Sunlight reports - Example 02

Download (PDF, 4.2MB)

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