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Contamination Reports

What is contamination Report?

  • When a site has a  history of contamination such as a former petrol station,  a contamination report will be required. The contamination report will contain results from soil testing also known as Sitex ( site exploration ).
  • The contamination report will examine the makeup of the ground below using a geotechnical survey, looking at the ground layer by layer. A basement impact assessment (BIA) will contain results from soil tested in laboratory.
  • The costs of excavation and removal and disposal will depend on the level of contamination. A thorough contamination report supported by soil testing results can help avoid costly surprises arising during the construction phase,

Who prepares contamination report?

  • A Geotechnical surveyor is a specialist who studies the make up and content of the soil below the ground.
  • Development is strictly guided by planning policy. The interpretation of policy therefore defines the complexities involved in the development. If the ground is too contaminated, the cost for removal may be too high and render a development unviable.
  • When buildings have been used or built with contaminants an asbestos or chemical test may be required for each and every quadrant within a building. DA planners are experts in preparing such reports with considerable success.

How much should a contamination report cost me?

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Contamination reports - Example 01

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Contamination reports - Example 02

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