Date And Time  August 19, 2022, 5:55 pm

Construction Method Statements

What is construction method statement?

  • Construction work associated with new development will inevitably impact, or cause annoyance or congestion upon neighbouring properties and the surrounding area. Local Authorities are increasingly requesting construction method statements as part of a planning application or by way of a planning condition to mitigate the impact of construction work.
  • Where a scheme requires excavation works, there will be a considerable amount of soil / clay / rock / silt etc. to be disposed. For example, if excavation is required at a property that is only accessible through  a restrictive / narrow roadway, the council may require the construction method statement to also contain a waste management plan.
  • When construction is taking place in the vicinity of a historical building ( grade listed) the construction plan must go further to consider the particular sensitivities of the historical building.  For example when excavating beside a historical building, the ground may require grouting to protecting the building from piling works.

Who prepares construction method statement?

  • A contractor assists with the technical detail required or prescribed methods. The contractor’s site manager has input to the statement as they will be responsible of ensuring the plan is carried out to the requirement of the council planners.
  • A structural engineer, party wall surveyor, civil engineer and building control officer are usually consulted when producing such a statement. The statement should include contact details for these professionals.
  • DA Planning have building regulation specialist’s working daily on such reports. We have found that simplifying these reports make it easier to get them approved.

How much should a construction method statement cost me?

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Construction method statements - Example 01

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Construction method statements - Example 02

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