Date And Time  August 19, 2022, 4:23 pm

Conservation Area Reports

What is conservation area report?

  • When applying for works to a building, set within a designated Conservation Area, a design and access statement will be required to address the impact the development might have on the special character of the Conservation Area.
  • This report will outline the heritage characteristics of the conservation area with the report, looking to show that the development as proposed will preserve or enhance the Conservation Area.
  • Conservation Area reports focus on the materials proposed as part of the development.
  • Our experienced planners regularly prepare and submit applications located within Conservation Areas, and have the required experience to understand how to design developments that are overly constrained by the character of the Conservation Area.

Who prepares conservation area report?

  • Our teams consist of many ex-local authority planners who have years of experience working with developments within Conservation Areas. We are therefore best place to assist with all matters relating to heritage and conservation.
  • Our in-house architects will look to address the specific constraints as outlined within each conservation areas specific appraisals which are available on council websites.

How much should a conservation area report cost me?

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Conservation area reports - Example 01

Download (PDF, 13KB)

Conservation area reports - Example 02

Download (PDF, 109KB)

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